RRRT is among the limited manufacturing companies in the world today that is paid to accept the raw material which becomes its end-product. This fact gives RRRT competitive advantages in terms of pricing and also will help to make the Company a more marginable venture and a more attractive investment.

RRRT will be compensated to accept used and off-spec shingles from roofing contractors, individual homeowners and shingle manufacturers. These waste generators would otherwise be forced to take the shingles to the local landfill and pay a significant premium to what R-Three Technologies will charge. In Toronto, Canada the landfill charge is currently $80.00 to 120.00 per ton for shingles. R-Three Technologies intends to charge transfer station charges, less a 15% discount. Overcrowding of landfills is a very serious environmental problem which people and governments understand must be addressed. The Company anticipates that government action will mandate higher and higher tipping fees as a way to incent recycling. That trend will continue to improve the economics of the Company’s plants. Industry and individuals recognize that now is the time to take action on saving the environment. Year 2016 mandate on waste reduction will direct these waste generators to the Company’s facilities as they are built, diverting this waste from landfills. The corporate pricing structure also makes it economically feasible to deliver to R-Three Technologies’ facilities.

RRRT’s management recognizes that recycling projects sometimes fail because of their inability to source the raw material. Consequently, besides offering a significant price incentive for delivery of shingles, R-Three Technologies intends to strategically locate all of its plants so as to make them physically more convenient as a disposal site when compared to landfills. R-Three Technologies will be able to do this because no toxic material is involved in the recycling and production of its end product. Unlike landfills, R-Three Technologies’ plants can be located in any commercially zoned area because limited environmental permits are required. Limited environmental permits are necessary when sitting an R-Three Technologies facility as these plants are viewed as a manufacturing facilities rather than a waste site, and they have no negative environmental impact on their surroundings. The Company’s intent is to provide the waste generator/hauler with a convenient location with a savings in time and expense compared to the local landfill.