R Three Technologies desires to help alleviate the global environmental crisis in waste management in a unique, proprietary way. By pursuing this goal and adhering to its business plan, the management believes the Company can provide financial benefits to its shareholders, venture partners, employees and the communities in which it operates.

The Company will manufacture high quality, durable, environmentally friendly interlocking bricks, architectural blocks, sound barrier panels and related products at very competitive prices. It is our goal to become a recognized leader in the industry in many areas including customer satisfaction, to grow aggressively, to have annual profitability and to establish long-term relationships.

Keys to Success

The keys to success for R Three Technologies are:

  • Attracting key personnel from within the industry who will help the Company to successfully manage the rapid growth for which it plans.
  • Attaining adequate financing to accommodate the growth.
  • Ensuring that Plant # 1 is producing a consistently high quality product.
  • Implement a Marketing Plan that will allow R Three Technology to become the world leader in asphalt shingle recycling. The benefits over concrete products are appealing to the consumer market, contractors and governments.
  • Rapid plant expansion using the “cookie cutter” model of the R Three Technologies’ plant throughout North America on a joint-venture basis, ensuring corporate image control, and increased profitability for our shareholders.