R-Three Technologies, Inc. has developed a proprietary process for recycling asphalt shingles, otherwise destined for already over-crowded landfills, into interlocking asphalt bricks with a variety of commercial applications including: patios, driveways, walkways and many more.

R-Three Technologies Inc. is the only manufacturer of interlocking products engineered from l00% recycled material.

Our interlocking asphalt brick recycles asphalt shingles in their entirety. Even the nails are recovered and sold for scrap. The bricks are designed to compete favorably and cost effectively with asphalt and concrete in a variety of commercial applications including driveways, patios, pool decks, courtyards, sidewalks and medians. The Company’s product can be pressed into larger sized segments and installed as sound barrier panels, cushioned factory or stable floors and many other uses. R-Three Technologies’ products are lighter and yet denser than asphalt and are non-porous. The product is also easier to install than concrete.

Current programs address paper, glass and cardboard waste but have achieved only a 35% reduction.
R-Three Technologies will become a valuable resource for businesses, governments and industries being pressured to reduce their ecological footprint.