R Three Technologies produces an interlocking asphalt brick by recycling asphalt shingles in their entirety. Even the nails are recovered and sold for scrap. The bricks are designed to compete favorably with asphalt and concrete in a variety of commercial applications including driveways, patios, pool decks, courtyards, sidewalks and medians.

We recycle 100% of the asphalt shingle...even the nails!!


"We have developed technologies designed to recycle used and off-specification asphalt shingles rather than have them deposited in landfills. We envision the commercial advantages and potential of the finished interlocking asphalt bricks.
No one has or, for that matter is, recycling 100% of the asphalt shingle. The only current recycling of shingles is done by intentionally adding heat to them to extract the asphalt or to fuel waste-to-energy plants."


President, CEO, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Kolaric graduated from the University of Ljubljana with a Masters degree of science and mechanics. Stan will be responsible for overall management of the company. Stan enjoyed a twenty-five year career primarily working for two large organizations: BIC Incorporated as their Engineering manager for North America, and Summerville Belkin Group as their Engineering Supervisor and Manager. He successfully managed many projects from the research and development stage through construction and commissioning. For instance, Stan set up a 350,000 square foot production facility for Somerville Packaging. His responsibilities have included overseeing the relocation of entire manufacturing plants and trouble-shooting individual situations in order to turn money-losing projects into profitable ones. As Vice-President of Engineering for Thermo Tech Technologies, Stan was responsible for designing their Thermo Master plant which recycled organic waste into commercial products. His experience with the Thermo Master plant reinforced his belief that innovative recycling technologies which address environmental concerns can be turned into business ventures with enormous growth potential. Recently Stan served on the Board of Directors for Environmental Solution World Wide ESWW OTCBB and as COO, his skills as a communicator; decision maker and organizer will allow him to successfully lead R-Three Technologies' growth.